Monday, August 24, 2015

Madrid is a BUSY, BUSY Place!

We made it to Madrid yesterday afternoon. It was about an hour and a half drive from Avila. We made it to our hotel in time for Brynn to take a short nap, then we were off to explore the city. Laura took part of our group on a quick tour, while the rest of the group went with Luis to a bullfight. The bullfight group didn't stay for the whole time, and met up with us by the Royal Palace. They experienced enough by watching the first couple of fights and they decided they had seen enough. 

Once we met up with the rest of the group we ate dinner. Dinner here is VERY late (9-10pm or later) considering what time we eat dinner at home in Indiana. We had a delicious dinner. I think I am used to the different times we eat. Breakfast is not a big deal here, people might grab a pastry or a small sandwich and a coffee, but they don't typically sit and enjoy it. Lunch is a BIG meal with several courses, and it isn't until after 2pm or later. 

Today we woke up early and did a walking tour of Madrid with a private tour guide, Julianna. She taught us A LOT of history of the city. She took us to so many neat places and allowed us to experience so many unique things. We all were very glad we took the tour. Luis and Laura even enjoyed the tour and learned some new things about their own city. 

Tonight we are going to a Flamenco show! I am really excited about this! I will be sure to post photos tomorrow. Tomorrow morning, a few of us are going to the Madrid Zoo. We felt that Brynn has been so well behaved and patient with the adults that she should get a chance to go have fun, too. 

Below are some pictures from last night and today. We miss you all!!! Hopefully you are enjoying your Monday! 

The front steps at our hotel in Avila. 

One of the oldest Cathedrals in Madrid. 

Brynn hasn't been the biggest fan of all of the Spanish foods, but one thing that is the same at home....Chicken Nuggets!!!

Brynn is OBSESSED with the lions and they are everywhere!

Laura and her American parents. 

The inside of Museo de Jamon. If you look closely you can see the ham...

These store are all over Madrid. You can get a ham sandwich and a drink for very cheap. They are very popular. 

Waiting for hot chocolate and churros. 

The Palace de Espana. It is the largest Palace in Europe, the King and Queen no longer live here. They currently reside in a different Palace north of Madrid. 

This wooden door is over 500 years old! We all had to touch it! 

The fruit at a very fancy market. Brynn needed an apple! She saw them in the window. The walls are made of glass!

The oldest restaurant in the world!!! Botin. 

These plaques are place on the sidewalk in front of businesses that have existed for a hundred years.

The Guinness Book of World Records certificate to prove that Botin is the oldest restaurant in the world!

Brynn and Julianna our tour guide had a lot of fun today! 


We are standing in the very center of Spain, which is in Puerta Del Sol.

A federal guard in Puerta del Sol. He said we could take a picture if we were quick. His uniform is very different from the rest of the police here. He was very kind to let us take this photo. 

The symbol of Spain. 

Brynn gave Julianna several big hugs and kisses when she left us for the day. 

The whole crew!

Our group photo with Julianna. :)

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