Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Free Day in Madrid!

I am calling today a "Free Day", because Luis and Laura called it that on our itinerary. We thought we wanted to head to the Madrid Zoo and Aquarium this morning, but Brynn slept in and a few other things happened to change our schedule. Instead we went for a walk around the city. I am so glad our plans changed, because we had the best morning! We started with Starbucks. I know, I know...I can have Starbucks at home. It is the closest place with breakfast and they are super quick. I promise it is my first Starbucks on the whole trip! I feel like I am really going to miss the cafe con leche here. It is the best! I will never look at my boring old Folgers the same way. 

After breakfast everyone scattered into different groups based on what they wanted to do. The guys, minus Mike went to see Luis and Laura's office here in Spain, two ladies went shopping and the rest of us went for a long walk to a BEAUTIFUL park. I can't even describe the sculptures and things we saw this morning. So much detail. I know my photos don't do anything justice. At least you can see what I am talking about. 

This afternoon a group of us are going to try to go to the Prado, a very famous art museum. It is enormous. I am looking forward to that. After the museum the ladies are going to do some souvenir shopping. I already have a few goodies to bring back. I am looking forward to sharing them already and explain their significance to the recipients. :)

Tomorrow we leave early in the morning for Rome, Italy. Our flight leaves at 8:00 am, so we have to leave our hotel at 6. I can't wait for Italy, even if it is for only two days. I may never get the chance to go back, so I will take it. 

I almost forgot...the Flamenco show last night was wonderful! Brynn was locked into it the whole time. She was clapping her hands and slapping the table trying to get the beat. My dad got better pictures than I did, so I will share them later. 


  1. Block 1 says....HI! We miss you and want to see the flamingo pictures. We loved the sculpture pictures. We hope your trip is going good. How is Brynn doing? Say hi to Brynn for us! Have a safe trip back home and cannot wait to see you!

  2. Block 7.....Everyone misses you soooooooo much! We are giving you a long distance hug! Kylie misses you too.We think you should write a book about your journey and then publish it! Mikey would like you to find some Lamborghini's in Italy. The Jackson's would like you to bring back some meatballs and Nathan would like some CAKE! All the girls would like some foreign chocolate, no nuts! Chloe would like a t shirt. That is all for now, we must get back to learn about settings! Can't wait to see you Monday!