Friday, March 21, 2014

Think Happy Thoughts.

Today was a Spring Fling day at our school. Students and staff were encouraged to dress in spring clothes and the staff had a cookout for lunch. It was a pretty good day. My kids were a bit wild today for some reason. Maybe because the sun was out all day, however we did wake up with a fresh coating of snow! Talk about confusing. :) 

One of my kids shared a news story about being happy. It was a good reminder to find something happy in your day or to make someone else happy. At the end of the news story we watched the video Happy by Pharell Williams. It was a really good way to start class. We all really did seem happier. 

My last block of kids came in naturally silly, so to continue with the silliness I read a silly book. Those Darn Squirrels. They loved it and we all giggled. 

Something else I noticed, my little solar powered dancing flower had a chance to actually get its groove on today. That hasn't happened in months! 

Lastly, I noticed that this snack provided by my friend Jessica was smile worthy! The kids loved that it was a dolphin. :)

Happy Friday, everyone! 


  1. Looks like lots of fun ways to celebrate spring! The warmer weather makes everyone feel better.

  2. Happy Thoughts! I am jealous I didn't get to hear the new book today.