Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Things Dogs Put Up With...

Our dog Tanner is a rescue dog, and he has been part of our lives since 2005. He is 9 years old! He is a Shepard/Collie mix and he acts it at times. We love Tanner dearly and it occurred to me the other day that he puts up with a lot. Now that Brynn is bigger and gets around the house, she is constantly after Tanner. He really doesn't seem to mind and at times I think he likes it. For so many years it was just Tanner and now he has to share his space. That can't be too easy. He does it all in stride, for the most part. He has never and hopefully won't ever get upset with Brynn, but there are times I am not sure how he keeps his cool. Maybe Brynn is now one of his "people". I hope so. 

This morning before church happened to be one of those, "how does he do it" moments. Brynn was playing with her blocks and he wanted to be right there to play, too. The pictures say it all. He didn't get up and leave us until Mike started making noise. 

The last picture is my favorite. Brynn was actually sitting on Tanner and a block. 


  1. That first picture of Tanner...the look on his face...priceless. Brynn is lucky to have such a patient friend. The last picture is one of true love. so glad Tanner is a positive part of Brynn's life. Jackie

  2. I love these photos and writing about the relationship between your daughter and dog. Tanner is a real gem!

  3. That is so cute! We are surprised all the time at what our dogs will put up with from the girls! Tanner is such a sweetie :)