Wednesday, March 26, 2014

That Funk You Just Can't Shake

This morning I woke up, exhausted but I crawled out of bed. Mike was leaving early so I wanted to be up and showered ,etc. before he left. That meant getting up a bit earlier than normal. No big deal. One problem though, I went to bed late because I got home late last evening. All my fault. No biggie. It is not unusual to be tired. :) 

Then I got to work and went to a meeting. It was a good meeting and I learned about things I could try in my classroom with my writers. 

Then I went to my room and learned about all of the things I missed at the middle school meeting. Ugh. I couldn't help but have the feeling that I missed something important. Part of the problem, since I teach language arts sometimes I am pulled to meetings with elementary teachers and sometimes I am pulled to middle school. Today was just hard because I know what I missed will still be required of me, but now I have to sort that out. Difficult. So between being tired and now frustrated I am stuck in a funk I can't shake. 

I am certain I can get out of it and have a good day, but it is taking me longer than normal. My head is spinning with so many things! Maybe I will read another funny book to my kids this afternoon. That might do the trick. :) 

Something else that gives me a chuckle is this older picture of Brynn. I took this in October for Aunt Holly's birthday. It still cracks me up that I caught her at this moment. We call this photo Pirate Brynn. 


  1. If that picture can't pull you out of your funk, nothing will!

    I have taught MS Language Arts as well and understand the pull. The thing to be thankful for is a school that is having the vertical meetings. It is hard when I am in a school (like now) when one thing ends in elementary and something completely different begins in MS.

  2. I agree with Kristi. If that picture can't pull you out of your funk...nothing will. It is priceless. I am sure she will 'love' it when she is older. Since I am retired now...I don't experience the same kind of pull that you do...but from what you would be frustrating...and I hate the feeling that I missed out on something in a meeting that is important...even if it is the discussion about it. You have to be there to get the whole message. Good luck today...and for some reason, I am sure you will get out of that funk. Jackie

  3. Oh my that picture would need to be a screen saver!

  4. Maybe seeing my smiling face all day Friday will help. We haven't had a whole day together for over a week. Or maybe seeing Holly this weekend will make the difference. Either way you are loved!