Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thankful for Friends.

I know the weekend isn't over, but Sunday afternoon quickly moves to the evening and so on. It has been a great weekend filled with family and friends. Brynn is still recovering from her birthday party! She is one busy gal, too busy for a nap this afternoon. Aunt Holly just left to head back home for Indy and I have schoolwork and laundry to get started. Only problem, I would rather relax and watch basketball. :) 

I am sure I have sliced about MDF before, but I am very thankful for (Aunt) Holly. She is so good to us and of course sweet Brynn. She made the trip yesterday for Brynn's party and will be here again on the 29th for our haystack fundraiser for Riley. We think Holly is pretty darn wonderful! The best around. Brynn sure loves her too, but how could you not? 

I will end this slice with some pictures. The best friend hats were purchased a while back and when we remember we take a picture wearing them. They will be packed for Florida in a few weeks! Each time my favorite pictures are the candid ones where we aren't ready.  :) 

Happy Sunday! Go MSU! 

My favorite from last time we wore the hats. It is the picture that comes up when Holly calls me. :) 
Love you, MDF! 

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  1. Those are great pictures and fantastic hats. Much cuter than the broken heart necklaces from the late 1980's!