Monday, March 24, 2014


Tonight I am struggling with what to write about....I am 24 days in and I finally feel like I hit a wall. Then I sit and realize there  are plenty of topics I could choose. 

Tonight I am thinking about my life as a teacher. This evening my fifth grade boys were playing basketball at home, so I stayed to watch. (I should mention Brynn was with me.)  A lovely friend who also teaches happened to be there because her son was playing. We sat with her, thank goodness. All that Brynn wanted to do was walk up and down the bleachers. Between the two of us, Brynn wore out two steps on said bleachers. 

As I think about the evening and the fact that my arms are sore from wrestling Brynn, it occurred to me I must love my students. I didn't stay for the recognition from the parents or the students or those of you reading. I stayed because they asked me to stay, and because it was important to some of them that I was there. 

Then I started thinking about my week last week. I went to Dollar General twice, and Walmart once to buy supplies for my students for a project they are working on. I stopped at Walmart to buy Popsicle sticks!!! For those of you that know me know this is HUGE. I really don't like Walmart. Mike even offered to go in, but I still went. 

I do love my students and even in my ninth year of teaching I still love my job ( most days).  But the thing that keeps me going back day after day are the kids. I might be the only hug they get in a day or the only smile or the only genuine conversation, which is a big job. This brings to mind the following quote. Interestingly enough I can't find the true speaker of the quote. Maybe they didn't want any recognition. :) 

This photo doesn't have much to do with my post for tonight, but this is how I ended my night. Brynn realized that it is more fun to climb on her rocking chair than it is to rock in it. She was ornery! 


  1. I love your quote and the fact that even though you didn't know what to write about, you still wrote. That is what this challenge is all about, pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone and seeing what you can do. Precious little girl you are raising there. Must be so much fun!

  2. I'm totally with you - we stay for the kids because they asked. We do this job because of them. May you continue to see the bright side of teaching!