Sunday, March 2, 2014

Snowy Sunday

Our Sunday started out pretty snowy. We weren't sure if church would even happen, but it did. Our attendance was pretty good, too! 

It was a great service. Brynn loved it. Her favorite part of church is always singing the hymns. She usually chimes in with everyone. It is adorable and the older church members always turn around to give her a smile. I am just thankful that she is typically quiet during prayer. 

After lunch we went to my parents. Mike helped my dad do some work. While my mom and I worked on some birthday party decorations for Brynn. It has been a great day! 

Below are some pictures from our Sunday. :)


  1. What a wonderful day. We had a little snow too and attendance at church was sparse but delightful.

  2. So glad you have photos today. Such a precious little girl. Birthdate again? Waiting for Evelyn's March 30. Glad Brynn is singing along with you and quiet during prayer. Girls just know what to do! Wonderful Sunday and blog!

  3. You just might have a singer in your family...glad she enjoys singing the hymns and that others enjoy it. What a cute little girl. Jackie

  4. So cute! And you all kinda matched, too! Our girls really do need to get together soon- mine love to sing too :)