Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ready to Test

I am guessing that some of my co-workers will post this video and slice about it today, but I couldn't resist. A co-worker made this video to help get our kids pumped up about our standardized testing that begins next week. So far, the kids have loved it! I have heard kids singing some of the lines and mocking some of our moves, too. We had a lot of fun making the video! Several of the kids have commented on my glasses today. Funny. I hope it works!



  1. Love it! Too bad you have to waste you time with THE TEST!

  2. This was an incredible video! I think I may have to challenge my sixth graders to develop something like this to motivate their peers before we take our state test. We've been focusing on figurative language so I think I will have them try to incorporate some examples. Thanks so much for the great inspiration. Keep singing!

  3. Loved the video! Glad you're having fun with ISTEP. What are the rules for being filmed and circulated--more money, I hope!???? Have you played this for Brynn?