Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Funny Books are the Best!

So today was our first day of ISTEP, so for fun I read a silly book to all of my classes. Each class laughed, but my last block really giggled. There was something enlightening about their laughter. It made me happy to see them so happy. This class is my most challenging for a few reasons, but I still do enjoy each and every one of those kids. So it was so nice to read a book we ALL enjoyed. I promised them another silly book this week, but I won't tell them what I plan on reading. 

Today's book was, The Day the Crayons Quit. If you haven't read it, I suggest you do. It is funny. I think it is safe to day we all think the peach crayon is the funniest. :)
Since I am writing about funny books, I had to share this sweet picture of Mike reading to Brynn. At this point either her books make her laugh or she wants to eat them. This was a candid moment I captured last week. Her book was very entertaining. 


  1. Sharing your love of reading and the laughter it can bring is good for everyone - of any age. Love the picture! How adorable!

  2. I wrote about books as well. Are you counting these books for your challenge?

  3. I saw this book on Amazon. My 5 year old grandson is an artist. I'm looking for a book for Easter for him. It's fun to see toddlers looking at books. When Gramps and dads read them, little ones ones seem to take on a whole different attitude.