Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Reason To CELEBRATE!!!!

It is a reason to celebrate for me!!! As I said this, the song "Dancing on the Ceiling" by Lionel Richie was playing in my head. Now it might be stuck there. :) 

Anyway...the reason to celebrate...I am DONE with my shots!!!! I repeat...DONE!!! Praise the Lord! After getting a shot of blood-thinner daily in my abdomen I am FINISHED!!! Doing the math...I have had roughly 280 shots!!! I will just say they were not painless, either. The last one in fact, might have been the worst. Eventhough the shots were painful everyday, I wouldn't change it for the world. Those shots helped keep Brynn and me healthy and safe. Another reason to Praise the Lord. I am sure Mike is just as relieved as I am, since he was my nurse every night administering my shots. 

In other good news, Brynn turned 6 weeks old yesterday. That is a big milestone to me, because we lost Makenna at 6 weeks. I feel like I sighed a huge breath of relief yesterday and today just knowing Brynn is here and healthy. I also had a good 6 week check-up with my doctor and everyone at their office LOVED her. They offered to babysit anytime. :) 

Below are a few pictures of Brynn from today. Enjoy the beautiful weather! We did by taking a walk when Mike got home. He finally got to push the stroller down our street. He couldn't have been more proud! 

They are hard to see, but these are some of the used up syringes. 

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