Sunday, March 3, 2013

Way to Go!

A little known fact about me is, I was in FFA for all four years in high school and I was actively involved in horticulture judging (not an easy task). It isn't a secret, just not something that comes up in conversation, I guess. With that said, I spent part of my afternoon celebrating the retirement of a great man today. My high school AG teacher and FFA advisor, Mr. Warren. He was also my neighbor growing up.

I learned a lot from my years in FFA. I really did enjoy it, and I had the opportunity to meet some great people. I was an officer for our high school chapter. My favorite office was being the Reporter because I got to take all the pictures. I went on some great trips through FFA, too. One of my trips allowed me to spent a week in Washington D.C. in 90 degree heat, in official dress. YIKES! It was a great leadership conference and I will certainly never forgot that experience. 

My brother was also in FFA as were most of my younger cousins. I really wanted to post a picture of my FFA years, but we haven't found any digital copies and I haven't gone through all of my pictures to find on to scan. Just by chance though, I googled myself and found an article from school board minutes dated November 12, 1997. The article mentions my brother (Matt) for soil judging and me for horticulture judging. To me, that seems almost as good as a picture. :) 

I sure hope Mr.Warren is able to enjoy retirement! He sure is a loved man. There were many people at his party today, and I am sure I only saw a small portion of them. 


  1. I love the fondness of your memory, the pride in the good things you did in high school with FFA, but most of all the tribute and honor you bestow to your teacher. At the end of a career, he is able to see all those people who honor him, you among them, and know of the good work he has done. I hope you find the picture. Maybe you can slice one day about what it is to be a horticulture judge and give a snapshot of that. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What an interesting blog! And...I wasn't able to attend Mr. Warren's celebration, but I had hoped to be there. What a difference he made in so many lives!

    Growing up, my brother was in FFA. I remember the hard work and the camaraderie those students a family, really. I'm not sure why I never got involved, but what a worthwhile organization!

  3. A powerful tribute. I hope you share it with him.

  4. I am so glad you posted this. It's one of those "little but no so little things" that is just so big in your life--looking deep. I did not know any of this. The writer in you is coming out step-by-step, Cheryl.