Tuesday, March 26, 2013

So Proud!

I like to think my husband is a really great guy. After all  I did marry him! I feel this way for many reasons. I won't list them all, it would take me too long. Just one of the reasons is his willingness to help others. Mike has been donating blood every 8 weeks since we lost our daughter Makenna in 2008. Makenna needed some type of blood product every day for six weeks. So you can understand the importance of blood donations from our point of view. In that time, Mike has donated three gallons of blood! That is a lot of lives he has saved! I am envious of Mike for the reason he can do something this selfless, and I can't (due to my own clotting issues). I am very thankful for him and I am sure several strangers are too. Tonight Brynn and I went along with him to his donation. He has told our story to some of the Red Cross workers, so they were eager to meet Brynn. We were both very proud as we waited for him. Way to go Mike!

Brynn slept the whole time. :) She even slept through our visit with Heidi! 


  1. First, your tiny little miracle is gorgeous and is a reminder that a baby is indeed a miracle. Second, your husband is indeed awesome...as you knew when you married him!

  2. What a wonderful family you have, Cheryl. Thanks, Mike for helping out others. Oh, Brynn, love your hat and your pink owl blanket.

  3. I can tell the love you and your husband have our very strong.