Thursday, March 21, 2013

Home Sweet Home

We were discharged from the hospital tonight around 9 p.m. Once we knew it was almost time to go home, we became VERY anxious. I think we practically stared at the clock and waited impatiently. Our stay at Dupont Hospital was first class, which is NOT a surprise. We have yet to meet an employee that isn't caring and wonderful. Definitely a wonderful place. 

Today was a bit of an emotional roller coaster. We had a few more tests that we were waiting on results for this morning. Thank goodness everything came back OK. We are fortunate that Brynn will not have to have any more tests, etc. She can now proceed with life as a newborn baby. What a relief! At the request of Brynn's doctor at Dupont, we will be going to see our family doctor tomorrow morning. It will mainly be a meet and greet. No labs needed! Another moment of pure emotion and joy tonight was actually driving out of the hospital parking lot. I literally lost it and started bawling my eyes out. (Not the first time today.) I just never thought this day would come and now that it is here, I couldn't help but let it out. Praise the Lord for our little miracle. 

To update in photos tonight, Brynn had LOTS of visitors yesterday and a few still today. Here are a few of the people that came to see us. I told Mike we need to start writing Thank You cards tomorrow, to stay ahead of the game. We already have quite a few to write! Maybe I can work on that when I don't feel so sleep deprived....oh wait...from what I hear I won't get that feeling of full sleep again! 

A BIG thank you to everyone who came to see us the last few days! For family and friends that have already brought meals, took care of Tanner, visited, prayed, called, text, went to the store, helped fix/work on our broken furnace (our dads), cuddled our little one, brought flowers, presents, caffeinated drinks, hugs, and so much more! We love you all! Enjoy the pictures. 

Visiting with Grammy and Pepe.

Aunt Melissa

Meeting Jenna. It is almost her turn to have a babe, won't be long! April 26th!

Very sleepy with Katie and Carter

Uncle Mike with Carter and Kenlee

Grandma Denise with her grandkids. 

Our cake from the hospital, part of our celebration dinner. We also had steak, pork, potatoes, veggies, salad, and soup! DELICIOUS!

One more bottle before heading home.

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  1. Well, I bawled my eyes out reading this! And now I. So glad everything is going well and I hope you guys enjoyed your first night at home. She is adorable!