Friday, March 1, 2013


I can't believe it is already time to start the Slice of Life Challenge. I started it with my students today, also. I guess it didn't hit me until I was talking to them about it, that I need to slice! I am looking forward to slicing this year, but I am not sure how I am going to finish. I am due to be induced on March 26th! I am hoping I can still do some slicing and blogging, I might be asking my husband for some help. :) 

So much has changed in a year, and I am eager to get writing! 

Here is a picture of my husband and me at a Purdue game this fall. I hope he is ready to help with my slices, too! 


  1. Welcome back to the slice world! A baby, how exciting! I'm sure you can teach your husband how to be a guest blogger if you are not available. It will be a fun month and a huge change for you at the end. Best of luck to you!

  2. Welcome and congratulations! You could maybe write a few extra posts and schedule them to post on the right days, then get your husband to just link them in the comments on the SOL site.
    When you post, please use the unique URL for the single post. The one for this post is:
    Just click on your post title and copy and paste the unique URL in the comments box on the site. Any questions or problems email me at djtsmith at gmail dot com. Have a fun month...especially the end of the month! Yea!

  3. I am so excited for you! I have 4 daughters. You will have so much to write about.

  4. You are going to have so much to write about! What a perfect way to record and welcome your new one into the world. So excited for you!

  5. So glad you're slicing. Now I can check up on you! This is such a special month for you. Remember, you just have to write about the simple things that give you joy.