Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Paul Bunyan

I was looking through pictures on my cellphone the other day and stumbled across some pictures from this fall. I guess I should explain...

When we bought our house in 2006 we knew we had a very large oak tree that wasn't fully alive anymore. We aren't exactly sure what killed it, but the thought of it falling down unexpectedly was enough to make us nervous. Finally this fall, we decided as sad as it was, it needed to come down. Since we have a wood-burning stove in our basement, we didn't want all of the wood to be taken. Needless to say, we had and still have a large part of the tree in our yard. Which is fine by me. It will be put to good use. We have even talked about having someone make different things out of the tree (furniture, wooden bowls, and who knows).Then the tree is never really gone. 

To be funny we sent photos of the tree with Mike in them. We made it look like he had cut the tree down with an ax. :) These pictures made me smile, so I thought I would share. 
That's a big tree!

Paul Bunyan!


  1. I like your pictures. Your writing really showed how much you enjoyed the tree and wanted to see it be create into something that will last.

  2. I love how pictures inspire your posts. This one showed the humor in your life. I also read your post about your grandpa from yesterday; it showed the love in your family. I like your ideas of making something from the tree so that it will never truly be gone.

  3. I was glad to read that Mike was not taking his revenge out on all trees for one bad one for attacking him. Your story reminded me The Giving Tree. I can't wait to her what you do with the tree.

  4. I love the idea of the tree never really being gone...bigger message there indeed.

    Thanks for the "talk" in the lot...maybe we'll see each other there again soon!

  5. That is a really big tree. I have and oak tree in my yard and its like a fourth of the size of that. That would be funny if he really cut it down. The pictures are great!!!