Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let's Go!

So...I am blogging about sports tonight. As the Sweet 16 games are starting, I am really disappointed that my Boilers aren't playing. We had such a close game in Round 2 (we lost by 3). Mike and I watch a lot of sports! We definitely love our Boilers, but we also root for Michigan State. Being a Big10 school, we are also prone to watching most of the games that include "our schools". Tonight is no exception as we flip back and forth from the Wisconsin and Michigan State games. We have high hopes for the Spartans! Go Green! 

I couldn't resist sharing these photos of my beloved Boilers. Boiler Up!!!

With my friend Holly (MDF) by The World's Largest Drum. Hail Purdue!

The Boilermaker wearing his football jersey for game day. 

We met Robbie Hummel! 


  1. I love basketball and March Madness - but all my favorite teams already got put out early. I can't even find an underdog to cheer for this year. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and school loyalty - what fun!!

  2. When I first saw the picture with Robbie Hummel, I thought it was my son! :) I am glad you stated your loyalty after saying you were rooting for MSU!