Saturday, March 17, 2012

Is this March or June?

This is another short slice, because we have friends coming over to grill and chill. I wanted to be sure I sliced before it got to be too late. :) 

This afternoon we had the wonderful opportunity to watch our nephew and niece, Carter and Kenlee. The weather is so nice and warm we spent most of our time outside. (With the exception of Kenlee's nap.)  We had a very fun afternoon and I even got a free car wash from Carter. I took some pictures to document our afternoon. :)

Enjoying the warm weather 

Kenlee LOVED Layla, our cat. She kept bossing her directions.
Cats don't really listen, which didn't go over well...

Balancing act! 

Watching the ducks in the channel.

Getting the soap ready. 

Quick rinse.

Let's do this!

This is either a dance move...or she said...Purdue is #1! 


  1. Once again, I love the pictures you put with your post! The captions are priceless: Cats don't really listen.... Purdue is #1!

    Hope you enjoyed your grill and chill!!

  2. I enjoyed your introduction. Having friends over to grill and chill. Very nice.

  3. We have had weather like that, but it's dropping 20 degrees right now. We finally just built a fire. I miss almost grilling. Love the pictures!

  4. We have been so spoiled this past week with the weather. Enjoy! Love the pics as usual.

  5. Love the pictures! They really tell the story of your afternoon.