Thursday, March 8, 2012

By Popular Demand...

After sharing my "Back in the Old Days" post with my students yesterday and today, I learned they REALLY wanted to learn more about my childhood and my brother. it is...I talked with my mom, dad, and brother tonight to put together this slice. I am posting it like an interview to get everyone's information shared. 
Basic info: My brother, Matt, is two years older than me. He is married to Wendy. They have two kids, Carter (4) and Kenlee (1, almost 2). 
Here are some of the questions and answers from this evening.

Me: Was my brother excited about getting a little sister?
Mom: Yes. He wouldn’t leave you alone in your crib. He actually picked you up out of your crib and carried you around once. I tried not to yell at him, because I was afraid he would drop you.

Me: What was your favorite thing to do to your little sister?
Matt: Pick on you.

Me: Tell me about your favorite thing from school.
Matt: My favorite thing about school was Book-It.

Me: Who was your favorite teacher?
Matt: Mr. Warren he still teaches at the high school.

Me: What is a funny story you can remember from when we were kids?
Mom: One time when your dad was in Washington D.C. on a business trip I had a kidney stone. Your brother called Grandma Norma and she told him to give me some medicine. Your brother crushed it up and put it in applesauce and tried to make me eat it. It was really thoughtful and sweet. You both meant well. 

Matt: When I cut a big chunk of your hair out of the back of your head. It was right before the Mermaid Festival cutie pageant. You were more worried about the fact that it could be your doll’s (Cindy’s) hair and not your own. Mom was really mad!

Dad: We went to Phoenix, Arizona one time on a family trip. We decided that we would make a trip to the Grand Canyon. On the map it didn’t look to be very far, only about an inch. We thought we could make it there in no time, so we left in the afternoon. Several hours later, we still weren’t there. We arrived at the Grand Canyon just as the sun was setting. We were able to take a quick photo, but we didn’t get to look for very long. As we drove the many hours back to our hotel that evening it was so dark we couldn’t see anything but "eyes" on the side of the road. We still laugh about that story frequently. “It isn’t very far on the map!”

Me: We were once messing around in the garage. Matt threw a basketball at me, and I didn’t think I could catch it, so I ducked. When I ducked the ball kept going and hit a window behind me. It broke the window and we were both worried that dad would be mad. When he came home he wasn’t mad, but we still felt bad. We had worried for nothing. 

Hopefully these few questions and answers will give more insight to my childhood. Below are some pictures. Enjoy. :) 

Matt, Cheryl, and Donald. :)

Matt & Cheryl at the K-County 4-H Fair.
Christmas 2011.
Couch: Wendy with Kenlee, Matt, Kelly, Katie, Mike, Cheryl with Carter;
Front  Grant, AJ, Jenna


  1. Loved this post!!! Your stories reminded me of so many fond memories with my brothers. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great idea to slice in interview form. I'll have to remember this! Love the glimpses into the younger you. :)

  3. Fun interview to share the facts! Loved the pictures, too!