Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Again today I wasn't sure what I would write about, but once I picked up my nephew and niece from the sitter I knew I had a topic. We played outside with Tanner, Uncle Mike, and the cats. It was fun as usual. We even went for a short walk. Their favorite thing to do today was look for bugs, lucky for us and the beetle we found there were plenty. There is never a dull-moment with these kiddos. Enjoy some fun photos. :) 
The beetle in the water before his rescue. 
Right after he was saved...

Carter realized the beetle had wings...he wanted him to fly away. 

Yes, that dark blob in the grass is an ant hill!!!

Getting a look, but not too close. 

Having a snack of strawberries after playing outside. 


  1. Kids and their curiosity are a great slice of life. I enjoyed them and your writing.

  2. So much fun to make observations in nature! Thanks for the pictures - too cute!

  3. As much as I love nature, and I do, the moment I enjoyed the most this evening was when the kids were sitting on the counter eating strawberries. Carter cautiously ate his while his sister gobbled them up like they were going to be gone in a second. Funny thing was, it only took about two seconds thanks to her and me. Loved it!!!

  4. Proof, he does eat fruit! Thanks AWESOME Aunt Cheryl!!