Friday, March 9, 2012

Where are you warm weather?

As I was thinking about yesterday's warm weather and then today's cold weather I couldn't help but think...I need summer! I am thankful it is just a few months away. I then started thinking about a fun trip we took to see some friends in Miami last summer. I started thinking about it because our friend called tonight, and mentioned that the weather there was nice and warm. Of course. :) Thinking about our trip made me smile. We had so much fun. We also decided that we needed to make more trips to visit them. I am in need of a trip to warm, sunshine right now! :)

Our friend Paul in Miami

Sunset at Key West.
Our snorkel adventure!
Jellyfish! They were everywhere! Where is SpongeBob when you need him?!?!


  1. Love your pictures! The sunshine today has helped me; I hate those days when I never seen daylight due to my windowless room. Do I sense a spring break trip in your future?

  2. i liked the video!i liked how you were steeling the goldfish!d.c.

  3. I can connect with that because i LOVE warm weather. I LOVE IT because its softball weather.hc1

  4. that was awesome i saw a blow fish in Texas.ND-7

  5. i would love to do that sometime it look's and sounds like fun!!! AH

  6. COOL!! When i was in Florida we saw some jellyfish (but they were dead, ewww) I touched it with a stick it moved like jello! :)